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Omega Force

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Captain Twilight


Mister Mage

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Lux Season One

Omega Force: Genocide

The Rouges Season One

Lightshadow & Nightshade Season One

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The Sentinels

Hawkman/Rouges Spinoff Season One

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Captain Twilight 2

Hawkboy Season One

Omega Force 3

Mister Mage 2

Daybreak Season One

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Aeons 2

GB Jone Season One

Midnight Protectors

omega Season One

Youngbloods Season One

Hawkman 3

Sniper Season One

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Diamond Season One

Sentinels 2

Youngbloods Summer Movie

SVTFOE Season One

Spongebob Season One

Youngbloods Season Two

Marine Master

Hawkgirl Season One

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Captain Twilight 3

GB Jone Season Two

Omegas Of America Season One

New Hero (TBA)

Youngbloods:Summer 2

Hawkman Female Team Spinoff Season One

SVTOFE Season Two

Youngbloods Season Three

Cali Spinoff Season One

Mister Mage 3

Aeons Brother Spinoff Season One

The Devil Killer Season One

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Aeons 3

Midnight Protectors 2

Renegades Season One

Youngbloods: Summer 3

Teen Hero (movie)

SVTFOE Season Three

Youngbloods Season Four

Katherine Kane Season One

Hawkboy Season Two

Archangel 2

New Netflix Hero Season One

Omega Force Prequel

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Marine Master 2

GB Jone Season Three


Sniper Season Two

Egyptian (movie)

Diamond Season Two

Hawkwoman Season One

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Hawkman 4

Spongebob Season Two

Sentinels 3: Part One

New Netflix Hero Season One 

Teen Hero 2

New Netflix Hero Season One 

Omega Force Prequel 2

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New Netflix Hero Season One

Sentinels 4: Part Two

Katherine Kane Season Two

Renegades Season Two

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Midnight Protectors 3

Netflix TBA

Televison Teamup Season One

Teen Hero 3

Netflix TBA

Omega Force Prequel 3

Alphahumans Season One

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 Hawkman Edit


So for the whole location, I have based it off of Halsey's ideas oops. So her first album is Badlands, and she says that the location is kinda a dystopian LA and its corrupt with crime and sins and yeah, and surrounding the awful city is desert aka the Badlands and if people mention it, they are like 'honey,,,, we don t t g o tere xDDD". I'm not taking that full idea, but a crime filled city surrounded by desert is what I'm taking. Also, the city will be fictional, like Batman's infamous Gotham City, so itll differ from Marvel and even what we did with New York. In Halsey's second album and more importantly music video for Now or Never, its like a modern day Romeo and Juliet. Watch the music video if you can, but ill try to describe it. So there are two gangs and the video is full with kind of religious symbolism, and the gangs are rivals and it kinda looks like a light and dark and angel and demon type thing. One gang is based on Angels, and they are all kind of perfect looking and nice and innocent and classy. The other gang is what I'm calling Demons to represent the kind of opposite of the angels, and they are kind of erotic and wild and un classy and well watch the video. At the end we see a gun fight that the angels start and yeye watch it to fully understand. So that's like the big inspiration and originally I was going to do everyone in Hawkman based off of singers, but I'm kind of just taking kind of a couple music videos/singers and making them and just adding onto that and Hawkman will be his own character.


So the main hero is Hawkman and I don't have a name but rn his name is Alec bc why not. So Alec was bron into a high class family that runs a rich corporation and as for what that is, idk yet, but its rich and the biggest most popular in the city and one of the biggest in the USA and possibly even the world. He has an older sister who is 16 years older than him. At the age of 14 while his sister his 30, their parents are murdered and that is revealed as an assassination bc its a big company and yeah. Alec kind of goes off the deep end and does drugs and drinks and acts out obviously the loss of his parents being the cause of that, so his sister basically banishes him to a reformed boys school where he is trained and educated. He is officially released and graduated at 18 and is supposed to go back home and is of age to assist his sister to run the company, who at this point he hates for banishing him, so instead of going back, he kind of runs away and travels the world and I have plans for him to like join a tribe in India and that's where he is trained and gets some important detective skills (random ik) and youll see why in the Hawkman 2 section why india and the sequel will explore that part of his life more. At the age of 30, after not seeing his sister for 16 years, and her being 46, he finally goes back to the city and seeing how corrupt and awful it is and he wants to act on it, but he knoews he cant. When he comes back we are introduced to his nephew and the sister's son who is 14, who Alec didn't even know about as well as many of the people on staff of the company. Later, Alec and his sister have a discussion which resolves in a fight and her blaming him for having to take over the company by herself for 16 years while he was traveling the world doing whatever he wants, and then he blames her for shipping him off alone. He storms out, and later that night, in the exact same fashion as the parents, she is murdered and the police don't know what to do. That is kind of like 'the last straw' for Alec and he officially decides to suit up, and he uses his new found riches from now being the head of the company to buy his suit and gadgets. He uses his detective skills to try to figure out who killed his family. Later we are introduced to Lena, his dark skinned assistant who he has a romance with and well they do the 'nasty' and later Alec asks Lena to find out about everything the police know about the murder and that leads him to the demons, a secret gang in the streets. We see him trying to find members and he finds one member: Aurora (Halsey's character) who is a member and he tries to question her about the recent death and the past deaths of his family and she claims she knows nothing about it and demands that she gives him the gangs leader. They go to the leader and discover the demons are not the only gang; there are their rivals the Angels who are a top secret gang. Later using his detective skills and trying to get everything he can find about the Angels, it is revealed that many of the politicians and businessmen and many other big figures in the city are apart of it. Lena is with him during all of this, and then finds proof that his parents were Angels, and were killed by a fellowship of the Angels and Demons for unknown reasons and Alec is sh00k bc his parents were apart of all of this. Later in the film, it is revealed that the gangs have a core family and to be the leader you have to have blood ties, and the big twist is that Lena is the daughter of the Angels boss and is the main villain and killed his sister. They fight and stuff and eventually she says that his parents tried to out the Angels group but were killed in the act and they killed his sister to make sure she wouldn't have any ideas of that either. Instead of killing her, he sends her and every member of both gangs to prison, including Aurora. In like the last scenes/ end credit scenes we get these: Lena in the prison hospital ward getting the news she is pregnant which she knows is hers and Alec's baby, Aurora getting bailed from prison and then going to her apartment and putting on a superhero suit (idk what her name will be but it wont be something with hawk, shes kind of her own thing and an Anti-hero instead of a hero), and Alec talking to his sister's son who is now an orphan and telling him that he will take him ina nd train him and hes like 'what"

The Rouges Season One

Basically suicide squad. I was thinking after Hawkman its just a bunch of prisoned people breaking out and probably having Aurora in it as well.

Lightshadow and Nightshade Season One

Idek their origins, but before the series, they were married at one point, but now they are divorced. But when lightshadows (ls) villainous sister who is like a crime boss comes back into the picture, she needs the assistance of her old partner. We will also see the introduction of north, who will be like 11 at the time. She is the sisters daughter that ls and ns adopt.

Hawkman 2

So in the first film, a little hint is that he traveled the world and trained in India, and well this film will have flashbacks to that. In India he was trained in combat as well as like detective skills. In India, he met Lightshadow, Nightshade, and LS's sister (bc shes indian and yeah) and then current day, Lightshadow and Nightshade come to his business are are like "we need help' bc some person from Alec's past (a villain from the Indian days) is back. We also get Alec's nephew/sisters son becoming Hawkboy. That's really all I got, but I had to introduce LS and NS bc like the Sentinels wouldn't make sense with three powered people who are allies and just some random powerless heroes, so they will know each other before and join the team 2gether, also, i want watever threat is in this to be alot bigger than the first bc like if this movie wasnt here, it would go hawkman 1 to sentinels and that would be him discovering a city mystery to battling monsters alongside a titan so the threat has to be bigger and possibly have something to do with magic

Hawkman/The Rouges s/o

I want a spinoff of a villain from the rouges. Idk who yet oops

Hawkboy Season One

So remember the most I c o n i c character from Hawkman(HM)? Well he gets a spinoff. Idk what about but I want him to kinda want him to leave HM and become his own person, and probably drop the mantle of Hawkboy

Hawkman 3

Again, I have nothing for this like the first two oops. But this one will feature Hawkboy and the introduction of Hawkgirl ( c r e a t i v e)

Hawkgirl Season One

So every Hawkman character will be based off of singers/music videos, and Hawkgirl is based off of Mel/Crybb and I was thinking this could take the plot of Tag/Milk&cookies where shes like taken and comes out crazy so it would be interesting.

Hawkman Female Teamup Spinoff Season One

So tbh I have no idea, but I want a spinoff with female Hackman characters, and well the only one we have is Hawkgirl and now Aurora and whatever Lady Gaga and Beyoncé chaarcters are.

Hawkboy Season Two

So tbh idk, but in the first season he will give up mantle of Hawkboy and become his own hero, sohe wont be hawkboy. But ittl lead right into Sentries so yeah

Hawkwoman Season One

I have no idea but yeah!!!!

Birds of Prey 1

I was thinking this could feature every character in Hawkman. So that's, Hawkman, Hawkboy, Hawkgirl, Hawkwoman, Lightshadow, Nightshade, Aurora/Halsey, and anyone else. Their full team name will be the Birds Of Prey bc their superhero names are birds hehe. So um yeahhhh. In the first film its revealed that the villain is pregnant with hawkman's son, so she and the child will both be in it.

Omega Force Edit

Omega Force

So I named the xmen finally. Remember the first mutants that were on the moon and stuff ? Will they are called alphahumans, and alpha is the first letter in te Greek alphabet and omega is the last so yeye and it sounds good. The characters are based off singers. The characters are LG (Superhero (sh) name; archangel power: flight bc she has big angelic like wings), Katy P (sh name: inferno, powers; fire manipulation). Bey (?), Bruno m (?), Coldplay (?). There will also be a past team of the omega force who will serve as mentors to the new generation and are based off older singers (Madonna, Britney, etch) and will probs get a prequel. The villains are a team of bad mutants and yeye

Omega Force: Genocide

The sequel to omega force will have the same characters, plus new ones. In the film we see the omega force teaming up with the villainous team from the first film to stop a group of villains who are human and are planning the genocide of all mutants.

Omega Force 3

Itll have the same characters that were in the first and second films and idk a plot, but I think it would be cool to introduce the Alphahumans (the first mutants on the moon etc etc etc) as a villain. There will be more characters introduced, and unlike the second film the mutant villains will go back to being villains.

Omega Season One

So during the hiatus of omega force movies, this show will come out its like yeah. Itll be like he plot of when we first planned the Alphahumans (remember the first mutants on the moon etc etc etc) where the main character is just a normal middle aged girl who discovers shes a mutant and itll focus more on like alphahumans and their ancestry unlike the movies.


So with the hiatus of no Omega Force movies, we see the origin of Archangel (LG), Itll be her origin story that I don’t know yet oops

Omegas of America Season One.

Another film set during the hiatus of omega force. After the events of O-Force 3 and Sentinels 2 (both of which have mutant villains wh killed and destroyed like everything) and mtants are having people even more cared then before. The government is worried, so they have an idea to have a task force of mutants, but they don't know where to find any. Mutant ablilites manifest during teen years, so they go to a high school and look for the genes that mutants have in every stdent and they find five: Olivia Anderson who has immorality and healing, Theo who can teleport, Elizabeth who is a powerful telepath, Susanna who can borrow the power of any animals, and Luke who has super strength. The government advertises them as a golden team who are friendly and yeye.

Archangel #2

Another movie set during the Omega Force hiatus. For plot idk, but the first one was a prequel and I want this to be set after Sentinels and Omega Force and shes on her own and shes like woah.

Omega Force Prequel 1 2 3

So I have no idea, but the prequel characters will be based off of the older team of Omega Force that are also in the original Omega Force movies as mentors, but thisll be their origin. That's all I really have tbh

Captain Twilight Edit

Captain Twilight

I believe you know her origin, but oh well. So her homeplanet was in a war that ended in the entire destruction of the planet. Before it got destroyed, 12 pods were sent to earth to carry on the races legacy.. One of them being Cap. Idk if the pod opens and shes a kid and grows up on earth or if shes already grown. On earth, they get powers of energy (dark energy and light energy) from the light sun. So her powers are energy stuff. During the film she tracks down pods and discovers that some have been forcefully broken into (setup 4 sequel), and she discovers some have naturally already been open. As she finds the twelfth pod it opens and reveals a girl who becomes her future crime fighting bff in sequels. The main villain is some guy from a pod who thinks the aliens are th superiors.

Captain Twilight 2

So yeye its after sentinels and the first cap. In the first film, Cap discovers that some of the pods that were sent to Earth holding her people have been forcefully opened. The film starts with Cap and her friend from the first film owning a house in the country fearing that people would recognize Cap. But after the first film with the pod villain vs Cap which would cause whatever city this takes place in major destruction, and then the events of The Sentinels, where Cap was also at and once again caused mass destruction. After that and many of lives wasted, people are fearing Cap and aliens and basically anyone superheroes, but this film focuses on just Cap bc she probably caused the most destruction. We get introduced to Laura Frickerson (idk names so imma just use that) who is a politician and a businesswoman who is an activist for ‘anti-aliens’ which is yeah. Later, going undercover and breaking into Laura’s business, she discovers the broken pods and the people inside are being experimented by Laura. She is trying to create some kind of human-alien hybrid, which uses DNA from the aliens and herself. One of five of those aliens is Daybreak (not her real name but a cool sh name so why not), who is basically Cap’s supergirl. Cap rescues DB (daybreak lol) and they team up and take down Laura and send her to prison. It sets up for the threequel by Cap and her friend wondering if life still exists on their home planet (which she goes to in the third film)

Daybreak Season One

So Cap’s sidekick that she rescues from Laura’s tests gets her own story and leaves cap’s side. Idk if cap is gonna be in it or not, but the plot will be that even with Laura imprisoned, her organization is still working with the alien bodies. DB must stop the group and yeah. While shes there she discovers that during a fight scene between Laura and Cap in the second film, the group somehow got Cap’s DNA and is using it to create a clone of her so thatll be woah.

Captain Twilight 3

So this follows Cap 2, Daybreak S1, and Sentinels 2, where Cap just feels herself really lost and finds herself thinking about her home planet, so for the first like 45 minutes of the film is Cap thinking about and then going to her home planet. While shes away she gets DB and her friend to protect her city. On the planet, there is nothing. Just rubble and destruction. She travels and the eventually finds someone who she takes dowm to Earth. The person is a male and idk if he is a villain or love interest or both to Cap. I also want Laura to return.

Aeons Edit


So I think you know her story, but either way ill tell you. So her dad is crocus and idk her mom yet, but the gods of Olympus know about her, and they frown upon her bc she’s part titan and titans are their greatest enemies. Whether or not she grows up in earth or Olympus, idk yet. The film starts with aeons (a) defeating like a minotaur or something, and then going to the gods and being like “xd” but they don’t care, then we see aeons life and stuff and Idek what that is. Later, Hecate is in the gods throne room and is asking the gods why they don’t rule earth anymore or make them worship them, and the gods are like yeah. Then Hecate goes to earth and the gods fear that shes gonna try to conquer earth (obviously there’s more to it). A hears and asks if she can find and defeat her but the gods say no, and they send Hercules or someone instead of a to find Hecate, but aeons doesn’t care and goes to earth anyways. There, she finds Newton, who is a scientist and his assistant Amelia. Amelia is newts assistant who is smol and believes in magic and science, but newt is a man of science. A goes to them bc Amelia has created a device to track any mystical presences on the earth, but newt coesnt believe that. The device does work, and leads themto an acient greek temple where they find Hecate locating pandoras box. They have some dialogue and yeye. Then Hecate releases the box and hundreds of monsters come swarming out. About ten stay and fight a, which she defeats,  but hundreds other flee. Meanwhile newt and amelia are like “ w ha  t”. A then takes the scientists to Olympus for where they are even more shook and tell the gods about what they saw. The gods decide to basically sacrifice a and see if she can defeat Hecate bc they don’t care about her. They use the device one more an it takes them to another temple dedicated to Hecate in which Hecate is sitting with medusa and arachnie or whatever the spider girl is. During, medusa kills amelia and that’s bc shes irrelevant an I have nothing to d with the character. Skip ahead to the climax, Hecate has a device thatlauches millions of monsters on whatever city this is at, and a finds Hecate and hurts her bad, but before a can finish Hecate off, Hecate asks “me or the city?” bc if shed stay and finish Hecate, the city would most likely be destroyed, so being a hero, she lets her go, stops the device and saves the city. At the end, we see the gods apologizing to aeons for the injustice. Somewhere in the movie, newt and a are a thing, and the last scene will b newt asking a to stay but a leaving him to search for Hecate. (frick I didn’t even know this would be this long what)

Lux Season One

A direct s/o off of aeons.  It features Alexandra who is a street savvy girl. She doesn’t have parents and lives by herself. recently lights in her house have been like flickering when stressed so shes like what. One day she walks into her house and sees a huge portal. Reluctantly, she goes in and is in front of the gods. They tell her that her father is Hyperion, titan of light and they need her to track down the monsters that were released from pandoras box. Of course she freaks at first but eventually, shea like “why can’t the aeons chick do it” and the gods say that she is busy finding Hecate. So eventually she takes the offer, and during the series she uses newts supernatural tracking device to find the monsters and travels w/ newt. The series features newt, Arachne, medusa, and the gods of Olympus as well as the introduction to aeons future sidekick as the main character (Alexandra/lux (lux means light in latin) who can create swords out of light and Pandora herself.

Aeons 2

This takes place after the first film, Lux season one, and the sentinels. With Hecate imprisoned, A can finally relax and she is in Olympus with the gods who have finally accepted her and has the title of “hero” by the gods. But every once In a while she hears a voice in her head, and one day it finally takes full control of her, and the voice takes her into a secret room within Olympus that holds hundreds of bodies that are revealed to be Cronus’s children. While under control, she releases one, which goes to Earth. While still in the room she realizes what happened and how she was taken over by Cronus and also realizes there is a room with Cronus’s failed attempts of children, for which she is angry with the gods for locking her brothers and sisters up, but she travels to Earth to find her brother, and on the way she finally sees Newt again who is in company with Lux, who will basically become A’s sidekick. Later in the film, her villainous brother travels to Olympus and releases all of Cronus’s children and theres a big fight scene of A and Lux against Aeons bro and all the others. Idk what else but yeye

Aeon's brother spinoff

So this intirely depends on who A's mom is, but this will focus on whoever her mom is's son, A's technical brother. So um yeah, idk. But I was thiking the villains are Medusa and Arachne and he finally takes them down (they've been in Aeons 1,2, Lux, and Sentinels so like they better end) and Lux will be in this, and possibly as his love interest.

Aeons 3 (working title Aeons: War of (The) Titans)

The film starts with Cronus awaking and shot of him fully formed and dressed in armor and heading to Olympus where he sees the gods and is like 'ew' and is revealed he is working with Hades, and Cronus attacks the gods and kills every one of them one by one (they don't die die, but they end up in the underworld), but somehow Artemis flees before he can get her nd goes to Earth trying to find Aeons. We first see Aeons in an apartment with Newt on Earth taking a break from all her heroism. We see pictures of A's on her knee proposing to Newt (fave) and others when a knock on the door is heard and Artemis is standing in the door way/ Artemis tells Aeons the dtory of Cronus and tells A that they need to go to the underworld to release them. A agrees, but first she calls Lux and tells her, and when they reunite, Lux is not alone and she is with A's brother (from the spinoff) and A and him have a onversation and yeye. Later Aeons, Artemis, Lux, and Aeons bro travel to the underworld and free the gods, and Aeons has her first face to face confrontation with her father, and also we see Hecate locked up in the underworld. The climax of the film is the titans vs the gods/aeons group, and Lux will meet her father, Hyperion. I also chose Artemis to set up for her possible spinoff.

Mister Mage Edit

Mister Mage

​I replaced mind guy with mister mage to go along with the magic theme. Mage means “a person who does magic” and idk the name sounds good. I have nothing rn.

Mister Mage 2

Considering I have nothing for the first film, I obviously have nothing for this lol.

Mister Mage 3


The Sentinels Edit

I finally got a name for the teamup. A sentinel is someone who protects. Itll be the followup to aeons where she is trying to find Hecate who is basically off the grid. She goes to extreme measures and finds mister mage, a sorcerer to find the mystical threat.So they are a team, but when they need help against her, they call up allies hawkman, ls, and ns. Captain Twilight is irrelevant and shows up later. We see the return of Aeons, Mister Mage, Hawkman, Captain Twilight, Lightshadow Nightshade, Hecate, Arachne, Medusa, Newt, and others. At the end when the team defeats Hecate, she is banished to the Underworld

Lunaire & Pitch-Black Season One

So remember the mutants on the moon? Well recap. The first mutant was a guy who’s power was creating stuff. He created three people first: someone who could control space, another who can control time, and another who could control magic/antimatter. Those were just the first and a lot more mutants were created. At some point, Magic/antimatter guy thinks that the first mutant guy shouldn’t be the ruler of the alphahumans,  and believes he should, so he tries to overthrow the first mutant, but he doesn’t and that resolves in him being banished to “the dark dimension” and every couple tens of years he is released, but for weeks at a time, and then he must go back.

So present time: The two main characters are Lunaire (LA) and Pitch-Black (PB) (those are their superhero names obviously) and they live pretty ordinary lives. They were both orphans who grew up together and consider each other siblings. They work at some indie café where LA sings and PB works. One day while LA is preforming, two robbers comes in and demands money and sticks a weapon up to PB’s head. Without trying, LA screams and then somehow a dagger made of light comes out of her body and strikes one of the robber and she stares in awe. Then the other robber puts a gun on LA and asks if “shes one of those omega freaks” and presses the gun and a bullet launches, but after, PB screams and like LA, a black portal comes out of nowhere and literally swallows the robber. And LA dodges the bullet, but the café’s owner comes out and tells them to get out. Later they go to their apartment and freak out and then they get a knock on the door, and it’s a group of men in suits who ask if they are mutants and says they were told by a café owner that mutants killed two people. Then LA and PB freak out again and accidently hurt them, and run away and somehow end up at the same base where to O-Force’s hideout is. There, they learn the origin of Alphahumans and learning that the antimatter guy is their dad. The rest of the series will focus on LA and PB fighting the men who showed up at their door (that group will be the same group that is in the second O-force movie bc connections). The end of the tv series will see the antimatter guy getting out of hs portal and “seeing his brothers and sister being harmed by worthless humans’ and he finds LA and PB and tells them to join him to stop humans and they agree, which leads directly to the second sentinels.

Sentinels 2

So it takes place after the first movie and directly after Lunaire & Pitch-Black. Aeons, Cap, Mister Mage, Hawkman, LS, and NS will all return. Idk how but the sentinels learn about the antimatter guy an his plans to end all humans, and obviously they are against that and stop him. Along the way, they encounter Archangel, who explains to them who the antimatter guy is (bc shes an omega force guy and she knows about alphahumans and yteyeyeye) and she joins the team, and at the very end, they kill the antimatter guy, but the dark dimension where he comes from needs a ruler, and it chooses PB as its new ruler, leaving LA heartbroken. At the end we see LA joining and the team telling her they will get her brother back.

Sentinels 3

So I have no idea. But the heroes will be Hawkman, Aeons, Captain Twilight, Mister Mage, Lightshadow, Nightshade, Lunaire, Pitch Black, Archangel, Phoenix, Egyptian, Teen, Marine Master, unknown new hero, and the midnight protectors, and probably every side character like Lux and Hawkboy and everyone else as well as Renegades and Youngbloods so its literally everyone. I want Hecate, unknown Anti-Matter guy from the first film, Lilith, and any other magic related villain to be in it, and I was the main villain to be like really big like Thanos from Marvel big and he will probably be in other movies before this in like cameos or end credits like Thanos so yeah.

Sentinels 4

same thing as 3 its like a part 2 to sentinels 3.

Midnight Protectors Edit

Midnight Protectors

So considering that the first three phases will be all about magic, like guardians of the galaxy, thisll be a comedy with a magic using team. The cool thing about gotg was that it took place in space, so I was thinking this could take place in like another dimension bc cool. The characters are: the main is the actual son of the devil bc interesting. His love interest with be some kind of magic using ‘witch’ or something. Another member is a vampire bc cool. The next character is crybaby, and if you can remember, the character was also based off of crybaby album, but during Sippy Yeah she dies and in the music video shes like an angel, but then she comes to earth and is a fallen angel and lives out the rest of the crybaby plot. GOTG has rocket and groot which are funny creatures, so I want like a troll or something. The main villain is Lilith, who is the creator of demons/vampires so she’ll have ties to the members of the team and will be based of the GUY music video bc why not (kms)

Midnight Protectors 2 and 3

I don't even know oops.

Marine Master Edit

Marine Master

So I wanted to put at least one new hero in this phase. Marine Master is the king of Atlantis and this film will take place underwater and yeah. Atlantis is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean which is surrounded by South America and Africa so diverse casting is a must. Atlantus was also potrayed as a full on continent so we have a whole world to work with

Marine Master 2


New Hero Edit

During phase three I want four new heroes, and this is 1/4 and I have no idea what this one will be.

Teen Hero Edit

So 2/4 hero from phase three. For characters, I want them to be based off of sqaudsiblings in high school. The title teen hero will just be hisown character. Ashlyn should be a popular party girl who the character does not have a chance with but he likes her anyways. Savannah will be a grungey tumblr feminist so basically nothing changes and possibly another love interest and your brother should lowkey be Ashlyn's boyfriend who bullies main character please I'm and every other squad sibling is irrelevant tbh. As for parents im basing it off of my sisters boyfriend: hes 27 and hus sister is 50 and his mom is 70 and he was a mistake lol. Im thinking that he lives with his sister whos like 35-45 and either his mom is dead or in a nursing home that he visits and aw thatd be cute but sad. As for his dad, maybe hes a villain bc why not. For maybe a sequel his sister has a new boyfriend who turns out to be a villain? I want Hawkman to be in it and notice him and be like "lol I'm looking for teen heroes join me lmao" (sentries plot). origannly I wanted it to be like Harry Potter where every year of high school is a movie, but instead:

Freshman: Teen Hero #1 (15)

Sophomore: Sentries #1(16)

Junior: Sentinels #3(17)

Senior: Sentinels #4 and Teen Hero #2(18)

Teen #2


Sentries Edit

So thisll be another teen team and basically sidekicks. The for sure characters are Teen Hero, Hawkboy, Lux, Lunaire, and Pitch-Black. I was thinking maybe Daybreak, if Mister Mage has a sidekick then them, North possibly, and possibly any other teens. I also want at least one new hero, so at least Teen, Hawkboy, Lux, and L and PB. So if you remember Sentinels 2, when they defeat the villain the dimension he comes from needs a new ruler and it takes Pitch Black and he becomes a ruler, so I was thinking they travel there and free him and yeah lol.

Egyptian Edit

So idk anything but 3/4 new hero in Phase 3, but itll take place in Egypt and feature a whole African/Egyptian cast for diversity, and like it might feature Egyptian mythology. As for superhero names, I have no idea but I was thinking maybe like 'something' crocodile or 'something' cat bc those are important animals and Egyptian mythology and stuff.

Phoenix Edit

so 4/4 hero for phase three. I don't really know but she has fire powers and I was thinking that her origin or where she is a hero at is space and introduces space to this universe to set up for phase 4,5,6 and also in Cap Gurl dies, she kind of takes her role in the Sentinels.

Netflix Edit

GB  Jone Season One

So we finally get into the Netflix (N) darker series. The first is GB, but im thinking about changing a lot of things, and also making the tone of the series kinda darker to go along with everything else in the N sh shows. So originally he becomes a sh bc he wants to do the right thing, but im changing it, and making it that he was one of Cassandra’s test experiments, and either has powers, or side effects of the experiments (like blindness or deafness or something), and his main goal is to find Cassandra, but later he discovers that his city is very horrible, so then he becomes a hero for his city and Cassandra. I’m also making GB have like a squad of Cassandra’s test experiments which are: Jessica, Toucha, the Sofia Carson deaf character, and Ember (the thing Megan and I did). Im still keeping the plot of Miriam/The Liar running for mayor and making people do whatever she says thanks to a power cassandra gave to her, and also Mulch Queen (MQ), but obviously with a different name, and being under control of Cassandra. In the last two episodes, MQ teams up with GB+his squad to stop Cassandra, but obviously .they don’t stop her bc her character is in S2 and S3 but sh. Everntually, MQ dies are the hands of Cass and GB swears vengeance on Cass.

Sniper Season One

So another gritty N series. I don’t have any plot but the main character is Sniper and yeh.

Diamond Season One

So if you remember, the original Diamond was an actress who discovered her powers while on a movie set and a fake gun was replaced by a real gun and it shot her and her powers just like happened. Well imma change it, but kinda keep it. Dawn (her irl name) grew up in a part of a trashy city and left and became an actress at a young age and grew up with fame, but fame resulted in an abusive boyfriend and hard drugs, which killed her, but she was brought back by some random scientist and came back with powers. After, she goes back to her city, basically just like JJ: a snarky leather jacket wearing strong female. Idk villains yet but yeah.

Spongebob Season One

This series will have a lighttone unlike the other N series. SB will be a father (to gary god I hms) and also a hardworking student, and works at an underpaid insurance corporation, and has the powers to absorb matter and that matter he touches become his skin (if he touched like steel, his skin would be like steel) and ye

GB Jone Season Two

So the cast from the first season (GB, Ema, Bela, Cass, GB's squad) all return, and idk about plot but originally we had Fishface (crying) as the main villain, but I'm going to change that considering it sets up for the teacup and it will mostly focus on the introduction to the KSH, who are the main villains in the teamup, but maybe Fishface is the villain in like the first three episodes and after defeated GB discovers the KSH that she is somehow tied to. Along the way, he finds Fishface's daughter, who is a struggling artist in the city named Monique, who later becomes an ally to GB.

The Devil Killer Season One

Idk what to start with but here we go: The series' villain is Kauri, who is like a Japanese drug lord who has a drug to enhance all her abilities, as well as superpowers like immortality, flight, shape shifting, etc. She has been around for hundreds, possibly thousands of years thabks to the drug. She always has a young female at her side, basically a assistant, at all times, who she gives the drug, as well as brainwashes them to follow her. The main character, The Yeah Yeah (TDK( was once a follower pf Kagura (K) and somehow got separated and forgot everything about her past life but glimpses of it comes and goes. Eventually she remembers Kagura and enlists the help of Katherine Kane (the world's best detective) to find her and soon Katherine becomes interlocked in this crazy world she didn't knew existed.They find a location of one of Kagura drug shipments and kidnap Kag's new assistant, who eventually becomes and ally. Along the way, GB Jone appears and says that he has been searching for memebers of the KSH and Kagura is on of them. Later in the last episode, Kagura is revealed to be TDK's mother and that they are both thousands of years old, and the drug isn't a drug, and its a form of magical mineral supplied by the KSH. Another thing is that Katherine gets deathly hurt and the only was to heal her is the drug/mineral, which save her, but as well as give her superpowers.

Renegades Season One

The teamup includes GB, Sniper, Diamond, SpongeBob, TDK, and Katrina. It picks up after TDKs1 and GBs2. The villains are the KSH and we see Katrina dealing with her newfound powers *which are like the math thingy where you can see equations and stuff) and yeah idk much, but I want TDK to die at the end oops.

Katherine KaneSeason One

This series is a spinoff off of TDK. We will see scenes of Kat's life before she met TDK and got superpowers and how she was a great detective and scences between  TDK and Renegades where she has to deal with her powers and stops her business for a period of time and then after when she is to her power and starts her business again. The powers arent very easy(more annoying than anything else) and she cant choose when theare 'on or off'.She'll wake up and she will see like 'four hours slept' or pour something and see 'nine cups poured', and other annoying thins like that but it can come in handy while at work.The plot we had was that after coming back to work (after tdk and Renegades ) her fiance is killed and she gets drawn back into the 'hero thing' when finding out who killed him (mitchell cri) who was an old romance abd like stalks her . We also getmore of her past life when an old friend reappears(cornbread cri)  be   we also are introduced to Kev (i cant think of anything rn) who was kat's like assistant/Secretary who was lowkey in love with kat, and after tdk, when she gets powers, quits her business and distances herself from him, that leaves him jobless and alone, but after she starts the business back up they become bsfs again and most likely love interests

GB Jone S3


Diamond s2


Sniper s2


SpongeBob s2


new Netflix heroes (4)


Katherine Kane S2


Renegades s2


Phase Four, Five, and Six Edit

So I have no idea, but Hawkman will probably get 5 and 6 movies,

Phoenix 2 3

New hero 2 3

Teen 3

Egyptian 2 3

Sentries 2 3

Space Hero 1 2 3

Space Team 1 2 3

Teen Omega Force 1 2 3

TV Edit

Tbh idk about Netflix, but for the Teen Series, I want a Journey spinoff tbh since the phases are all space. Also, to take place of SVTFOE, Fusions will finally be a thing and have space junk.

 Teen Series Edit

Youngbloods Season One

So I finally got a name for the sh team based on the Best Turtles and Character names. Me=Levi, vikk=Val, Cornb=Shay, u= North, Beller=Journey. The first few episodes are just Shay, Levi, and Val as a team. The series starts with Shay developing mutant powers, which are telekinesis and telepathy. Later, Shay, Val, and Levi discover that one of their teachers, Mr. Cook (cri) is like a crime lord and they feel a need to stop it so they make a team with bootleg costumes that are basically hoodies and stop him. The next two episodes (which would be called Lightshadow & Nightshade: Part 1 &Part 2) feature a popular politician (Miss Errands) coming to their city and almost being killed. They track who tried to kill and they discover that some random vigilante, named North, did it and tells the group that she is a corrupt businesswoman who is also like a crime lord, but the team disagrees with killing and stop her, but she gets away. Eventually the cross paths with LS and NS and they stop Errands and in the end of the two episodes, LS and NS gives the team a hideout and some rad leather sh costumes, and North joins the team. The next couple episodes are North, Levi, Shay, and Val stopping another villain (Miss Saloon). The last 7-10 episodes are the introduction to the main villain (Mr. P) and his daughter (Cali), and Journey coming to Earth. In one episode, Journey learns that they use violence to stop Mr.P’s henchman, and Jorney does not like that and publicly stops them using her powers to control plants, which is on Fox 6 news, presented by Fred and Martha. The next episode sees GB Jone finding the base where the team hides and attacks it, asking if they have MQ bc he saw her plant like powers and fears MQ is back, but learns it was Journey. GB’s squad (Jess, Ember, Toucha, Sofia Carson) and the youngbloods (YB) team up for one episode and theres a big fight scene of Mr. P and his men and the squads and lit lit lit. The last 5-3 episodes see Mr. P finding North’s villainous mother, (as seen in LS and NS S1) and teaming up with her, and then we see North going with her mother and fighting the Youngbloods, and the YBs thinking she betrayed them, but obviously, it was a ruse. In the last episode, we also see Cali betraying her father and teaming up and defeating her father and yeye. But with Mr. P gone, his men and bad businesses still thrive, and hate the YBs for destroying their leader, and that sets up for s2. At the end before summer, Shay leaves to ‘find’ herself and find other mutants, Journey want to experience Earthen culture, North leaves with LS and NS to find her mother, (who was released from prison by Mr. P), and Val and Levi stay in the city and protect it.

Youngbloods: Summer

So the YBs will have like a mini movie that takes place during the summer. Journey is traveling the world and experiencing Earth for what it is, North finds her mother with LS and NS, Levi and Val have sum romance and protect the city, and Shay finds an underground of mutants in which she finds other mutants (cameos of omega force characters is a must) and meets Ellie (Ela), a mutant who controls fire. During, Ellie and Shay find another, older male mutant who has the same telekinetic powers as Shay, but much stronger and it ends with the male mutant being revealed as a mutant who controls Shay and uses her as his pawn, and Ellie escapes and finds the YBs which sets up for YB s2

SVTFOE Season One

Idk yet and itll be like fusions where its like su but real, but this will have magic and that’s why I want you to watch Star oops.

Youngbloods Season Two

So im splitting this up into semesters.

Semester One: So this takes place right after the YB movie where Shay is being controlled and Ellie asks for help. Shay will be portrayed as the main villain, but the real villain is the older mutant controlling her. We will also be introduced to Andy (dmesj dvas) who is a love interest to both Val and Levi (djdjdj) and yeye. We also are introduced to Ashlee, who is an expert hacker and joins the team behind the scenes on a computer.

Semester Two: this picks up after semester one and resumes the cliffhanger of S1 with Mr.P’s henchmen wanting revenge on the YB’s for killing their leader. So um yeah. We are introduced to Margaret, who is a team ally, but everyone has trust issues with her, and Jordan who is irrelevant and knows that his friends are the YBs and is kinda there with Averie and Ashlee behind the scenes. In the end Cali dies bc yeah.

Semester 3,4: idk bc that’s 8 lol

Youngbloods: Summer #2

(THIS IS MY FAVE) So I don't fully kmow what will happen bc it takes place after semester 3,4 of s2 so idek, but a plot point will be North, Levi, and Journey learning thst Cali ight be alive. They track her and discover a secret society (possibly the ksh) of like ninjas that revived Cali and Levi, J, and North go undercover and find the society full of teens resurrected (all based off of ppl at violin camp) and its gr8. Idk what Ashlee, Ellie, Val, and Shay are doing, and the characters apart of the society are all irrelevant besides Cali but sh,

SVTFOE Season Two and three

Like S1, idk

Youngbloods Season Three

This is based off of 9th and 10th grade so we will see.

Cali Season One

I can imagine her being a fan favorite character si this.ll be gr999

Youngbloods:Summer 3, Season 4

Idk bc based off hs 

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