"You are the next in line. You are destined for this. You must be the phoenix."


The Phoenix Chronicles is a YA book series.

Books Edit

Grey Eyes Edit

Ember and Riesa are normal teenagers with a socially awkward friend (Nathan)- until Victor comes. Victor is a mysterious senior who oddly comes to school in the last semester of school to graduate- and tries to become Ember's friend who can see her 'aura' and 'has yet to see her true potential'. He somehow knows that Ember has the powers of the Phoenix- a power that has been passed down for millions of years. Ember must learn how to control her powers and also learn how to deal with her emotions with Victor, and the worst of all: meet her father.

Key of Fire Edit

After Ember finds out she has the powers of the Phoenix, she tries her hardest to become normal. But it's very hard when your sister seems jealous of her powers, your boyfriend is acting strange, your best friend seems to like you- more than a friend and your father is threatening you to join his side. She must find a way to deal with awkwardness and evil fathers.

Key of Ice Edit

Riesa and Victor have gone to *insert father's name* side and are both trying to kill her, and all she has left in Nathan. After almost dying at the hands of her sister and brother/ex-boyfriend (long story), Ember must do the unthinkable: Find Riesa's real mother.

Phoenix Blaze Edit

After the death of Riesa's mother (by the hands of Riesa) Ember has gave up and went into hiding with her best friend, Nathan. When Nathan questions her logic and leaves her for a normal life, she is all alone. She must summon her mother to help take down her father, sister, and brother (who are evil btw) but everything takes turn when Ember finds out her mother is evil.

Up in Smoke Edit

Everyone Ember loves has left. Every tactic has failed. Her father is winning. Her mother has gone missing, and is trying to take Ember's powers. But in a dream Riesa sees Ember and remembers who she is. She remembers. But when she tries to leave, her father captures her- again. The only hope is Ember- who is a definition of a hot (pun intended) mess.

Final Decent Edit

When *insert father's name* is winning with Ember's mother and brother on his side, Ember, Riesa, and Nathan must finally team up again and find away to take down everything.