yeah so like hes a teen boy and yeah

I also need fancast for Teen Hero as well as Levi in Youngbloods (me) so like choose 3 and also for Hawkboy he needs to look like the Hawkman actor bc like they are related so like heres a pciture 
Wes Bentley American Horror Story Freak Show Sl89BvIIOqol

Wes Bentley


Luke Benward

Luke Benward (22, Cloud 9, Girl Vs Monster)


Cody Christian

Cody Christian (22, Teen Wolf)

Dacre Montgomery (22, Power Rangers)

KJ Apa (20, Riverdale)

File:1236976 1534635160081280 6264633187134314351 n.jpg
Dylan Sprawyberry (19, Teen Wolf)


Nat Wolff (22, Paper Towns)

(only fancast as Teen and Levi)

Nick-Robinson 9-672x1024

Nick Robinson

Nick Robinson (22, Everything Evertythgjgk) (Only as Teen or Levi)

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