Margot Robbie


Lady my Gaga

Angelina Wayne/Archangel

Margot Robbie (27, Suicide Squad, Focus, Legend Of Tarzan)

Omega Force is all based off of singers, and I based to main group off of Superbowl Performances. For the Lady Gaga character I based off of her superbowl performance, but then I used her 'flying' from the Super Bowl and expanded upon that with one of her Artpop costumes. The costume and kinda similar (besides the huge blue orb but) and well her power is the wings like in the picture


Lupita Nyong'O

Celestine Carter
Beyonce-super-bowl-2016 5511797

Bey my Once


Lupita Nyong'O (34, The Jungle Book, 12 Years A Slave, Star Wars: The Force Awakens)

So like idk like what but like the outfit yeah so like but powers are like magnetism bc yeah so she like controls metal yeah

Kate Huston/Inferno
Alexandra-daddario-at-burying-the-ex-premiere-in-hollywood 1

Alexandra Daddario

Katy-perry-performs-at-superbowl-xlix-halftime-show 1

Ka my Ty

Alexandra Daddario (31, San Andreas, Baywatch, Percy Jackson)

Gene Rodriguez/Lightyear
Pdc oscarisaac3

Oscar Isaac


Bruno mmmm

Oscar Isaac (38, Star Wars, X-Men: Apocalypse)

So like his superhero name is Lightyear bc bruno MARs bc space  l o l and like his power is speed bc hes like tiny and runs around in his performance.

Dan Stevens Visits Magic Radio gsQWllaqq Rx

Dan Stevens

Jonny Martin/TBA

Dan Stevens (34, Beauty and the Beast, Legion)

Older Team



Other Singers yeah


Enemy Team

Main Villain




Tayna Samuals/Mirage

Zoe Saldana (39, Avatar, Star Trek, Guardians of the Galaxy)

So like Nicki Minaj lol. Her power is Shape shifting, which suits the singer bc yeah. Yeah

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